It’s about time

We live in the most fast-paced, ever-changing time in the history of mankind. One of my favorite movies in the ’80s, ‘Back to the Future,’ is happening right before my eyes. I never imagined surfing the web, using a smartphone, or driving an electronic car; however, I am doing them all now. Whether I am ready for it or not,…

ISTE Standards

STUDENTS 1.1. Empowered LearnerStudents leverage technology to take an active role in choosing,achieving and demonstrating competency in their learning goals,informed by the learning sciences. Students:1.1.a. articulate and set personal learning goals, develop strategiesleveraging technology to achieve them and reflect on thelearning process itself to improve learning outcomes.1.1.b. build networks and customize their learning environments inways that support the learning process.1.1.c….