About Me

Welcome to my blog. I’m Jane Park. My journey began at the University of Washington, where I studied Social Welfare, a field that opened my eyes to the complexities of society and the transformative power of education. I furthered my passion by delving into the world of Digital Education with a Master’s degree and am currently exploring the impact of Educational Technology through my Ph.D. work. My mission is to incorporate the ISTE standards into education, ensuring technology’s role is safe and empowering. My experiences, from aiding families through government agencies to engaging in educational missions in North Africa, have been both humbling and enriching, shaping my global perspective and commitment to making a difference through education.

On a more personal note, my blog is a space where I share my thoughts, insights, and the lessons learned. Here, I blend my professional insights, guided by a faith-based perspective that builds on wisdom, discernment, and moral integrity. I strive to be a voice that stands firm on these values, aiming to educate a generation that is not only tech-savvy but also morally grounded to act as an informed global citizen.