It’s about time

We live in the most fast-paced, ever-changing time in the history of mankind. One of my favorite movies in the ’80s, ‘Back to the Future,’ is happening right before my eyes. I never imagined surfing the web, using a smartphone, or driving an electronic car; however, I am doing them all now. Whether I am ready for it or not, the world is moving fast. It’s about time I decided to do something about the changes I want to see in this world. A Korean proverb says, “One who is thirsty will dig up the well.” If you want to see the change, you must do something about it.

While reading through the mission, vision, and themes of our University and the Education department, where I am pursuing my Master’s degree, I could see the correlation and determination to impact our communities and the world. It reassured me to take responsibility and be part of the change. The themes include the commitment to leadership and service in the community and the commitment to character and competence. More than just a college degree but a “calling.” You become the instrument of change to fulfill the vision. Sometimes, I would feel like I have to compromise my beliefs and values. It takes courage and commitment to stand up for your beliefs, but doing so will strengthen your sense of purpose. I was especially inspired by how our University honestly acknowledged the shortcomings of addressing the racial issues on campus and committed to doing more to ensure racial justice. 

Regarding digital education, “many individuals respond with considered ambiguity, in which the intentions and consequences of technology and media form an ever-shifting evaluation of their worth and effects” (Campbell & Gardner, 2016, p37). I share the same view; however, change is inevitable. How we use it will make a difference. ISTE Standards for Coaches 7a: Inspire and encourage educators and students to use technology for civic engagement and to address challenges to improve their communities. I believe that a stronger community can be built through technology. Our next generation is already swimming in this ocean of technology and media. What technology environment do you want to pass down to your children? It will take commitment to swim across an overwhelming wave of information and take the right path. However, the call for action is overdue. It’s about time to jump in. 


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ISTE (International Society for Technology and Education) Standards: Coaches

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